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Triathlon Coaching & Running Coaching FAQ

Can you adapt workouts to my busy schedule?
Yes, as mother's and wives, we understand and know what busy schedules are like so we have become masters at figuring out ways to fit workouts into a busy lifestyle. We can work with most any schedule to help you reach your goal.

I am a beginner runner or triathlete and I just want to complete the race, can you help me?

Yes, we work with all levels of athletes, from the elite athlete who wants to hit a certain goal time to the beginner who is just trying to finish a race or distance for the first time. We strive to educate our beginner athletes on injury prevention and proper form so the likelihood of continued achievement is higher.

Why should I hire a coach instead of just downloading a plan from the internet?

Plans downloaded from the internet are very general and basic and can be applied to anyone. A Coach will work with you one on one and tailor every workout to fit your specific fitness level, goals, and lifestyle. Each workout will be very specific to you including distances, paces, and rest intervals. We will work one on one with you to determine your weaknesses and assess your form and then provide specific workouts and/or drills to improve those areas. In addition, your fitness changes as you move through a training plan. As your Coach we will be constantly monitoring changes and adjusting your training to match those changes.

I want to lose weight and train for a race can you help?
Yes, when training, it is important to look at food as fuel. It is possible to lose weight while training for a race, and it is important to make sure your body is getting the proper nutrition. Since everyone is different, we work individually with our athletes to find the perfect balance in this area. At our initial consultation we will talk about your weight loss goals and together come up with some simple strategies to achieve them. We work with our athletes on overall nutrition and fueling. Should an athlete desire a more detailed nutrition evaluation, HUB Coach Elizabeth Wingard specializes in health and nutrition and offers special discounted rates for sessions specific to weight loss while training.

How do you communicate with me about my workouts?
There are multiple ways that we communicate with our athletes. We use an internet based coaching software program called Training Peaks to input your specific daily workouts. Access to this software is no extra cost for the athlete for most of our packages. Within this software you and the coach can write comments and feedback about each workout. In addition, we communicate via text messaging, telephone, email, and in person. The amount of communication is dependent on the package you choose.

What is the cost to hire HUB Coaching?
We have different package options to fit everyone's budget and goals. Contact us to discuss which package would be best for you.

How do you determine why workout paces?
We use different information to determine correct pacing for our athletes. Past performance and bench mark testing is the main way we determine pacing. If your coaching package allows, we also adjust and monitor pacing throughout your training period.

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