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HUB Coaching is a tri coaching business that coaches all level athletes whether local or far away. With us, you get the benefits of a triathlon team, whether you are coached individually by our coach or you solely want a team experience.

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years of combined competitive running & triathlon experience



HUB Coaching is a running and triathlon coaching service personalized to your running and triathlon goals. When it comes to coaching, we believe in quality over quantity. That means we only take a small number of athletes at one time. And that’s good news for you and bad news for anyone you’re competing against.

Whether you are just starting out or trying to set a personal best, we believe in the transformative power of having a coach who can help guide you to reach your full potential. If competing and performing better in your races excites and motivates you, give us a call today for a free consultation.


Unlock Your Best Self with Our ProgramS

Triathlon Coaching

Whether you are training for your first sprint triathlon, half iron distance, full iron distance, attempting to qualify for a World Championship or want to set a personal record (PR), we will help you get there. 

Single Sport Coaching


Highly focused discipline specific coaching whether you are a single sport athlete or a multi-sport athlete trying to improve a specific sport. 

Camps & Clinics

Camps are tailored for individuals looking to spend a few days doing nothing but swimming, biking, and running or talking about the sport and ways to improve with like-minded athletes.  Clinics are tailored for those wanting to hone a specific skill in a small group setting. 


Unlock Your Fitness Potential with Our Services

One-On-One Training

Many coaches and online programs use a cookie-cutter model of training. We focus on coaching and personalized attention instead of a one-size-fits-all approach.

Experience & Drive

Coach Jennifer has the experience and drive to help you with your goals! She has years of experience winning and competing in triathlons, Ironman’s, and other long-distance events.

Personalized Plans

Our customized planning process includes constant check-ins, coach availability, and benchmarking using state-of-the-art software.

Quality Over Quantity

Most coaches take on many athletes, resulting in a cookie-cutter approach to training plans. We believe no two athletes are alike, and to maximize each athlete's potential, we focus on providing quality of service, not quantity of athletes.

Jennifer Arends

Jennifer Arends



Strength in Numbers, Power in Teamwork.

With individualized one-on-one coaching, the power to succeed is closer than you think!

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