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Single Sport Coaching


Ready to achieve your goals?

Highly focused discipline-specific coaching whether you are a single sport athlete or a multi-sport athlete trying to improve a specific sport. We will prescribe a variety of workouts based on your level of fitness, your experience, and your goals. Each workout session will have a specific purpose and be tailored to your needs/goals. Our coaching includes race-specific training as well. We will prepare you for your particular goal races with workouts appropriate for the terrain, climate, and specific elements to simulate race day conditions. We don’t stop there. We also work with you on a race day plan, including strategy, pacing, and fueling. Whether you are training for your first 5k, half marathon, or marathon, attempting to Boston qualify, or setting a personal record (PR) at any distance, we have the experience and the approach to help you reach your full potential.  Coaching includes:

  • Customized Personal Coaching (Weekly Training Plans)
  • FTP Testing for Power, Pace, and Heart Rate Zone Set-up
  • Progress Analysis (through retesting)
  • Basic Nutrition Assessment (Diet & Training/Race Nutrition)
  • Race Schedule Analysis & Consultation
  • Customized Personal Race Day Strategy
  • Post Race Consultation
  • Equipment Consultation
  • Coached Workouts
  • Unlimited Access to Coach via phone, text or email
  • Coach Paid Training Peaks Premium Account
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