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Triathlon Coaching

Triathlon Coaching


Are You Ready To Reach Your Full Potential?

Whether you are training for your first sprint triathlon, half iron distance, or full iron distance, attempting to qualify for a World Championship, or want to set a personal record (PR), we will help you get there. We will prescribe a variety of workouts based on your level of fitness, your experience, and your goals. Each swim, bike, and run session will have a specific purpose and be tailored to your needs/goals. Our coaching includes race-specific training as well. We will prepare you for your particular goal races with workouts appropriate for the terrain, climate, and specific elements to simulate race day conditions. We don’t stop there. We also work with you on a race day plan, including strategy, pacing, and fueling. Coaching includes:

  • Customized Personal Coaching (Weekly Training Plans)
  • FTP Testing for Power and Heart Rate Zone Set-Up
  • Run Field Testing (Pace Zone Set Up)
  • Progress Analysis (through retesting)
  • Basic Nutrition Assessment (Diet & Training/Race Nutrition)
  • Race Schedule Analysis & Consultation
  • Customized Personal Race Day Strategy
  • Post Race Consultation
  • Equipment Consultation
  • Coached workouts
  • Unlimited Access to Coach via phone, text or email
  • Coach Paid Training Peaks Premium Account


Train. Race. Conquer.


The swim is the shortest distance in a triathlon. However, it is what creates the most anxiety for most triathletes. As your coach, we want to remove that anxiety by making you more comfortable in the water, improving your technique, and helping you become a more efficient swimmer. Each swim workout will include targeted skills, drills, and pacing and distance tailored for you specifically to meet your goals. In addition, during the summer months, we have group open-water swimming where we work with the athletes on open-water swimming tips and strategies. Whether swimming is your strongest or weakest event, we can help you improve your technique for improved results. 


Cycling is the longest distance in a triathlon and takes the most time. As your coach, we will help prepare you for this critical leg of a triathlon. Specifically, we will teach you about pacing, effort, and training with power for whichever distance race you are training to compete in. Each bike workout will include details on pacing, effort, heart rate, and power (if the athlete uses a power meter). Proper cycling efficiency and the correct balance of power and technique can mean the difference between a top finish and a poor finishing time. 


The run is the final leg of a triathlon and is done when you, as an athlete, are most fatigued. As your coach, we aim to train you to perform at your potential even while you are in that fatigued state. We do this by prescribing solo running sessions focusing on form and speed. These sessions will be tailored specifically for you and include pacing, effort, and heart rate details. In addition, we will prescribe run sessions, better known as brick workouts, specifically tailored to your fitness level and goals. These sessions help prepare you to run under race-like conditions and are paramount in helping you reach your race-day goals.

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